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Outlook Series

Each quarter our internal research team provides an update on the global markets and how our portfolios are positioned to navigate through the current environment.

Q4 2020 Commentary

2020 has taught us the importance of Patience & Perseverance, both on a personal level and from a research perspective. Our research team discusses how these two qualities are intertwined in our investment philosophy and process in our last Outlook Commentary of the year.

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Past Outlook Commentary

Q3 2020
Our special edition of the Outlook Commentary, Stampede-themed, is here! Throw on your cowboy boots and watch our research team embrace the Calgary Stampede spirit while providing timely market updates and answering your questions. Filmed on the Calgary Stampede grounds, this quarterly Outlook Commentary provides insights on the implications of governmental debts, opportunities in the fixed income world, finding intrinsic value in the tech sector, our perspective on the upcoming US elections, and more.
Q2 2020
We can’t control this environment or when life will return to normal again – what we can control is our own behaviour. By remaining resilient and disciplined in the execution of our investment philosophy and process, we share how we’re emphasizing companies with strong balance sheets, balancing our exposure to both cyclical and defensive names, and finding opportunities to ‘high grade’ our portfolios.

* Please excuse the quality of angles of the camera – we did our best to film in our respective homes.
Q1 2020
As we begin 2020 we find ourselves entering this new decade with many markets near all time highs, yet the uncertainty and volatility continues. In the first Outlook Commentary of the year our research team shares how they are finding value from their active investment approach in these challenging conditions.
Q4 2019
Markets may be at an all-time high, yet fear continues to overshadow the current environment. With the dichotomy between market sentiment and market performance, our team manages risk by cutting through the noise of ongoing headline turbulence and macro uncertainty. In this quarter's Outlook video series, we share our views on the global markets and the stocks we’re finding value in through this ‘confusing’ environment.
Q3 2019
When two economic Superpowers like USA & China engage in a trade war, investors fear significant collateral damage on global economies and markets. An environment that gave investors hope at the beginning of the year soon gave way to fear and uncertainty– chief among them a “prolonged” trade war, recession risk and uncertain monetary policy. As investors, we must balance between the short-term pain of companies trying to navigate the trade war with the gain that will come when the trade is resolved.

In our Outlook Video Commentary, our research team discusses adjustments made to our portfolios in response to the ever changing risk-reward dynamic of each individual stock.