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Oct 15, 2018

Well-being Goes Deeper Than Numbers

As we continue our journey of treating our clients beyond being "just numbers on a spreadsheet", we launched a Health & Wellness event.

As a founder of CWB McLean & Partners, Kevin Dehod was appointed CEO in January 2014. Passionate about providing wealth counsel to clients, Kevin still manages a limited client base in addition to advising on our corporate strategy. He is responsible for providing leadership and coaching to the firm’s teams.


Our company’s purpose is to help people make their world better. Our primary focus in making our client’s world better is through growing and protecting their wealth - and we do this by managing the asset allocation of their portfolio.

As we continue our journey of treating our clients beyond being "just numbers on a spreadsheet", we thought about how what is also connected to our purpose is the asset allocation of our lives. The asset allocation of life deals with wealth, health, family, relationships, occupation, hobbies, purpose, and other important asset classes of our lives.

Appreciating the asset allocation of our lives aspect, this drove us to launch our first health & wellness event for our clients two weeks ago. We had a great response at our event, and I wanted to take this opportunity to offer you a summary of the evening and share the video presentations of our guest speakers, Dr. Karen MacNeill and Rick Tiedemann from Copeman Healthcare Centre.

I invite you to watch the videos below and share them with those that you feel would find value in learning more on the topic of health & wellness.

To the clients who attended our event, we thank you for your time and providing us valuable feedback. We look forward to our next health and wellness event in 2019.

Stress Proof Your Brain - Dr. Karen MacNeill, Ph.D, R.Psych, Copeman Healthcare Centre



Discussion on:

  • High performance recovery and action.
  • Managing our minds so we can think clearly, and the environment in which the stress is being produced.
  • Understanding the macro and micro levels of stress – the impact if we don’t stress proof our brain.
  • An exercise on what your top sources of stress are – we heard a few from our clients:
  • Adult children – millennials: they’re not equipped and don’t handle stress well. We want to launch them, but they still need support.
  • Psychology of transition – retirement, us aging and our aging families.
  • Adjusting to a new life after a serious injury.'
Sleep, The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug - Rick Tiedemann, Copeman Healthcare Centre



Discussion on:

  • Is knowledge power or is the application of knowledge power?
  • Sleep is the number one health prevention you can do, yet many of us experience fragmented and disrupted sleep (or run on 4 hours of sleep and think we’re made this way!).
  • A deeper dive on understanding and achieving undisrupted sleep.
  • The science behind the health benefits of sleep. For instance, during your sleep, your body produces cells that wipe out cancer cells, and decreases your chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • The impacts of our daily routine on our sleep and tips on how to adjust for undisrupted sleep.