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Sep 18, 2019

The Purpose Paradox

In pursuit to build upon "asset allocation" of life for our clients, our recent Health & Wellness event introduced us to the concept of neurological preferences and how this knowledge can help to find our true purpose in life.

As a founder of CWB McLean & Partners, Kevin Dehod was appointed CEO in January 2014. Passionate about providing wealth counsel to clients, Kevin still manages a limited client base in addition to advising on our corporate strategy. He is responsible for providing leadership and coaching to the firm’s teams.

At CWB McLean & Partners our purpose is to help people make their world better. One of the ways we do this is by helping our clients with the “asset allocation” of their life. While our primary focus is on investment and wealth management, our company's purpose drives us to think outside of the box on how we can deliver value in the different aspects of our clients' lives each and every day.

We recently hosted our second annual Health & Wellness event with over 100 clients and guests in attendance. Our keynote speaker, Gregor Jeffrey, took us on a journey of reflection on our neurological preferences and purpose in life.

Over the last year I had the opportunity to hear Gregor speak on two occasions. A key takeaway that really resonated with me was the importance of understanding my inner coding and how this coding influences my communication style. Gregor describes this inner coding as four distinct neurological preferences: analytical, structural, conceptual, and social. This cognitive awareness helped me improve communication with my family, co-workers, and friends.

At our Health & Wellness event Gregor went a step further and introduced a new concept by connecting our inner coding to our purpose in life. Purpose is what gives our life meaning, and Gregor took us through his own personal story of finding fulfillment. Gregor really made all of us think about how we define our life’s purpose and what we can do to achieve it.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will find the full video of Gregor’s presentation in your inbox. Those of you who are not subscribed can watch a sneak preview of the presentation below.

Thank you and on behalf of myself and the entire team at CWB McLean & Partners we wish you and your family abundant health & wellness.




We would like to express sincere appreciation to Gregor Jeffrey for his insightful and inspiring speech. If you are interested in connecting with Gregor about speaking engagement, you're welcome to contact him through this page.