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Nov 12, 2015

One Year Anniversary

With the vision to offer our clients more opportunities for customized portfolios, improved tax efficiencies, and simplified portfolio accounting, we introduced two new private pools one year ago.

As a Client Portfolio Manager, Russ draws on his years of experience and professional network to help clients align their portfolio to their goals and objectives. He also serves as a sounding board for broader wealth issues.
With a vision to offer our clients a greater selection of product offerings, improve tax efficiencies, and to help simplify their portfolio accounting, CWB McLean & Partners introduced two new private pools last year; the Canadian Dividend Growth and U.S. Dividend Growth.

Canadian Dividend Growth

The Canadian Dividend Growth pool offers a portfolio of mid to large cap Canadian stocks and is for clients who are seeking tax efficient income and long term growth. This pool currently generates a dividend yield of 3%*, along with the opportunity for capital gains. We believe this approach is well suited, given that a five-year Government of Canada bond currently yields 0.88%*, and that capital gains and Canadian dividends are taxed at a more favorable rate than interest.

US Dividend Growth

With investors facing increased reporting requirements on foreign stock ownership, along with possible U.S. estate tax implications, CWB McLean & Partners introduced our U.S. Dividend Growth pool. This pool is positioned for long term capital appreciation, and offers U.S. stock exposure while still being considered a Canadian investment, thus eliminating the foreign reporting requirements and potential U.S. estate tax consequences. This pool is available in either Canadian or U.S. dollars.

We selectively manage these pools by adhering to our investment process of selecting companies with strong competitive advantages, returns in excess of their cost of capital, stable or growing free cash flow, sustainable balance sheets, proven management, and trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. While these pools are only one year old, both the Canadian Dividend Growth and the U.S. Dividend Growth pools have outperformed their respective benchmarks on a one year basis, and are confidently positioned to manage risk, while delivering above average long term performance.

To learn more about these new pools are any of our other portfolio solutions, contact us at [email protected].

*data presented as of October 31, 2015