Investment Philosophy & Process

Strong performance is rooted in a sound investment philosophy and disciplined process.

We seek the truth

Biases and emotion affect us all. We take our time, consider the facts, pick apart the evidence for and against, and then we act. We focus on objective and fundamental data rather than noise. It’s a disciplined process that we diligently follow, because in a confusing and volatile world, it helps us generate results in a consistent and repeatable manner.

We are different

You can’t take the same actions as everyone else and expect to outperform. We believe the road to success is through unconventional, uncomfortable thinking. Being different from the benchmark may entail periods of underperformance; however, we have confidence that our process will benefit our clients over time. 

We are risk-minded

When we invest, the weight of each security in the portfolio is positioned in a manner that is commensurate with its risk and reward profile. We actively manage our holdings against the original thesis, ongoing operational performance, and targeted intrinsic value.

Our Investment Process

Our investment process is our compass in a confusing and volatile world. We exploit inefficiencies in the market to uncover quality companies that are being mispriced. In order for these companies to realize their true value, our analysis must deem that we have an edge which the market is missing or underappreciating.


A diagram depicting CWB McLean & Partner's investment process


What we will not do

Waver from our investment process in response to short-term benchmark underperformance
Attempt to time the market
Let emotion or outside pressure influence our decision-making

Seeking the truth means that sometimes we may be wrong

Though it is our intention to sell a stock that is at or above our target price, seeking the truth also means recognizing that sometimes we may be wrong. Price volatility does not scare us; however, we will determine whether the price has temporarily disconnected, or whether the original thesis is no longer valid. If it is the latter, we will be decisive and eliminate it from the portfolio.