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Matt Evans, CFA

President & CEO

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Matt Evans


With nearly 15 years in the financial services industry, Matt has a background as an experienced private wealth advisor and has held progressive leadership roles with CWB Financial Group in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations. He most recently served as CWB Financial Group’s Vice President, Strategy, and Corporate Development. Matt brings depth in corporate strategic planning and execution, high impact leadership and coaching through change.

Matt believes that culture drives performance. His dedication to alignment was instrumental in CWB’s collaborative effort to re-position its brand and culture as the driving force for a superior client experience.

Beyond The Office

Outside of the office, Matt can be found spending quality time with Ashley, Leona, Ellis, and Olive (his wife, their daughter and son, and their dog, respectively). Matt also enjoys dining out with friends, reading, writing, movies, music, and the visual arts.

“Successful business owners often spend many years investing in their businesses to create and preserve wealth. This produces an entirely unique context for their wealth management needs. At CWB Wealth Management, we have the unique opportunity and the capabilities to add value at every stage of the business owner's journey."