Everyone says they're different. So how do we stand out from the herd?

Join us at our next Quarterly Outlook Lunch where we'll discuss how differently we're positioned in our global portfolios - and it just so happens to fall Stampede - Yahoo!

We'll discuss how differently we're positioned in our global portfolios. The topics at a high level are:

  • Canada: "The Big 3" (Financial, Energy, Materials) continue to dominate our market, however there is an underappreciated sector that we see value in - and are 100% overweight in. 
  • US: Our investment process led us to companies that are far different than those making up the S&P 500. We discuss why, and who these companies are.
  • International: Part of being different means being comfortable with short-term underperformance, and focusing on the long-term win. We discuss the macro elements that stress-tested our international portfolio last quarter and how we fared.
  • Fixed Income: Preferred shares are a bit of an investment enigma. Are they more fixed income or more equity? More importantly, we discuss how we have created value for clients in this less understood, but no less important, asset class.
Date: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
Registration:  11:45AM 
Luncheon: HIGH NOON to 1:15PM
Location:  CWB McLean & Partners, 801 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta